Goodbye World, Hello Puzzles!

So, you like puzzles? That tingling neck cramping activity that leaves your eyes bleeding and your fingers dry from too much rubbing cardboard has caused you to search for a page that lead you here. Well, you’re in good company with many people young and old alike you have joined in the century old practice of putting things back together. It’s not an easy task at times. Some puzzles have millions of pieces. Other’s can be reassembled in two swift movements. Some puzzles require an in depth knowledge of mathematical equations while others simply require time and patience.

If you’re at all titillated by the thought of solving puzzles, then this is the site that will provide you with a great resource for puzzle making and the art of puzzling. If you are still puzzled after reading this brief intro you may want to visit our about section that will tell you a little bit more about the wonderful world of Puzzle Art.

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