Creativity Coaching

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 5.47.32 PMIt’s important to be creative in everything you do. It’s even more important to be able to coach people into great creativity. It’s not that easy to be creative in everything you do so often times you need a coach. Hello I was growing up especially trying to be a good writer in high school that I needed a lot of help. I had different people in my life help coach me into more creative. It seems kind of funny but I needed to learn how to be a more creative basketball player. If you’re predictable and not creative in what you do then it’s easy for the competition to figure out your parents and to overtake you in whatever area of life you’re trying to competing. Therefore it’s very important that you had a good coaches that are helping you with your creative juices. I was needing to learn how to use a basketball and a very creative unpredictable way. So I had different coaches show me moves that were very unpredictable. This happen when I was in high school but it happened much more significant level when ever I got to a higher level of my profession. This happened at university and I had some good coaches as well as bad coaches. It’s very important that she put yourself under the type of coaching that is going to get a maximum return for you in your life. It’s very important that you search out the very best coaches that you can fine but this is not an easy task. There’re courses all kinds of coaches in this world and there are many people who claim to be good coaches. Just because someone has been coaching for a long time or claims to be a good coach you definitely should not believe this is necessarily the case.

I’d like to share with you about a coach ( that really did get the creative juices of mine flowing in high school he was not someone who was recognized by the staff as a great coach nor did he have the head job. He however was excellent at finding parts of your skill and helping those develop. He was excellent at finding the creative part inside of you so that they can help bring out something that may or not ever come out. This might be applied to something as simple as fishing. I was recently finishing in the Gulf of Mexico and we are not having any success whatsoever. If I were to have continue doing the things that everyone else does I may not have been successful. I had to think creatively and think differently than what I was used just thinking. This took some discussions with my brother-in-law who’s with me on the trip to try to think out-of-the-box and to be as creative as possible. Being creative does not come easy for a lot of people and it takes a great deal of effort. You need to think hard about the possibilities of finding the coach that can help you be more creative.

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